TUESDAY EVENINGS 6pm-7.30pm        Pilots 7-11 years old

AUTUMN 2017 program

31st Oct  Loaves and Fishes
                   Friends and Heroes
                        Craft – picnic basket

7th Nov     Abundant Oil
                    Friends and Heroes
                         Game - Ring on a string

14th Nov    Family Night
                          Puppet show and Craft

21st Nov    Help from Unexpected Places
                      Friends and Heroes
                           Jigsaw Challenge

28th Nov     A Narrow Escape
                       Friends and Heroes
                            Parachute football

5th Dec       Nativity Preparation
                            Christmas Craft

12th Dec      Nativity Preparation
                            Christmas Craft

Sun 17th Dec  All Age Nativity 10:30 am

19th Dec      Christmas Party

9th Jan 2018  Pilots Restarts

Comments from the children who meet at Pilots
So – What do you think about Pilots?
  • "Cool and fun!" "Exciting!" "Funky" "Great" "Fabulous", 
  • These are just some of the comments made by children when we asked them the question;
  • The children said that they loved the cool activities, fun games and stories, the action music, parachute games, craft and, not surprisingly, the tuck shop.
  • So what do we take from this? Clearly the children enjoy learning about Jesus and making new friends in a happy and relaxed atmosphere. Most weeks we have at least one new face as the children bring their friends along. But we still have room for many more.
  • Pilots takes place on Tuesday evenings during term time from 6:00 to 7:30pm. If you know of any children in the 7 – 11 age range who might like to join in the fun, why not invite them to join us?
Friends and Heroes, the award winning TV series shown by the BBC, is an animated adventure series for children in a fascinating and turbulent period of history, 69-71AD, Friends and Heroes places Bible stories in a vivid historical context. It uses animated adventure stories to introduce children to the stories of the Old and New Testaments in an appealing, fresh and memorable way.
The adventure stories take place almost two thousand years ago, yet Macky and the gang will appeal to today’s children; they are attractive, inspirational, and very real characters…. funny and brave, but just like us in the Twenty-First Century, they don’t always get things right! They face similar issues and dilemmas to those faced by youngsters today. Their experiences, combined with the stories they tell, will help foster respect for and kindness to others, as well as encouraging tolerance and understanding.
Many of our craft and games activities will be linked to the themes and ideas presented in the stories

For more information.
 Leave a message on 07501 336291, or come along on a Tuesday evening