Christian Marriage is a holy institution and we recognise it as a commitment not only between yourselves but also to your family, to your friends and to the church. We pray that God will bless your marriage with love and help you to keep the promises you make to each other.
Weddings at our churches involve a number of people, and we do our best to make your day happy, meaningful and memorable. The best way to meet the people involved is to come along to a Sunday morning service at 10.30am. A detailed list of Sunday services can be found in the church newsletter and on the notice board.

Legal Requirements
Once you have booked your wedding with the minister, the bride and groom must obtain certificates for marriage from the superintendent registrar of the district in which you live. These should be given to the authorised person before your wedding day. The authorised person will also ask you to complete an information form.

Regulations to be married
If you or your partner is resident in the area or attend worship regularly you are entitled to be married at our church.
If you wish to get married you must first make contact with the Minister. The Minister will then talk you through the wedding service and any other requirements.

Weddings must be booked with the authorised person for the church who may require a deposit.The fee for a wedding at the church includes the fees for the organist and the Minister.