What is baptism? Baptism is the sign of entry into the Christian church.
The church is happy to baptise a child of believing parents, on the understanding that parents and godparents will bring the child up with knowledge of what the Christian faith stands for, so that when the child is older, he or she can make a decision for Jesus Christ for themselves.

What happens in the Baptism service?

During the Baptism service, parents and godparents will publicly declare their own faith, and make promises on behalf of the child. Soon after the beginning of the service, the family and friends of the baptism candidate will be invited to gather around the font. Water is sprinkled on the child’s head, signifying cleansing and renewal in Christ Jesus.
Many parents invite a close friend or relative to act as godparents to your child, the godparent promises to undertake a caring and supportive role for the parents and the child and encourage them in their Christian walk.

Who can be Baptised?
In order for you, or your child, to be eligible for baptism you must be willing to declare publicly your faith in Jesus Christ, and not to have been baptised previously. If you would like to arrange a baptism, please contact the Minister.
If you decide on baptism for your child, the Minister will take you through a course of preparation over one or two sessions. For young children this will include an opportunity for them to think about what will happen on their special day.